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Action Plan


Provincial Level


● Funding request to Mental Health Division.

● Fund local committees support them and visit them if needed.

● Meeting with the Board of Directors, Annual General Meeting and if needed executive meeting.

● Invite all activity center directors to our annual general meeting.

● Ensure that local committees follow their mandate and guideline. Every year some committees will be verified.

● Take position on certain government proposals and changes. (Exemple:, Provincial Mental Health Advisory Board, Common Front against poverty, Resitgouche Hospital etc…)

● Represent the Network on various committees or panels for beneficiaries Mental Health.

● Encourage partnership with other mental health organization to promote the Network. (Exemple: CMHA, Activity Centers etc.)

● Keep up to date our membership list.

● Support the regional representative in their tasks.


In priority for the next 3 years:

● Pamphlet

● Transportation

● Affordable housing for people with mental illness

● Forming at least one committee per region. (Region 3)

● Keep website up to date.

● Redesign logo.

● More visibility on provincial level. For example: getting closer to the media, promotion, website, new pamphlet

● Continue to work on the transportation project (region 4) hoping that it will be use as a model for other regions.

● Keep Website to date.

● Working on a way to educate young people about mental health.


Local level

● Develop a public awareness of mental health issues.

● To promote the empowerment of the consumers by providing workshops/ conferences on different subjects.

● Organize an annual walk in at least 3 regions.

● Encourage partnership with other mental health organization to promote the Network. (Example: C.M.H.A., Activity Centers or other organization)

● More visibility on local level.  For example: getting closer to the local media.