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At the provincial level to promote exchanges and joint lobbying between all mental health consumers, general information on services and mental health issues, promote empowerment, educate and develop a public awareness on mental health issues.


To promote empowerment and self-help on the part of mental health consumers through a model where consumers and interveners are on an equal basis and act as co-workers.


  1. To create a network amongst consumers in New Brunswick based on strength and solidarity.
  2. To promote the development of self-help groups and provide assistance and guidance to the existing support groups and activity centers.
  3. To be the voice of mental health consumers in New Brunswick.
  4. To develop a communication network amongst consumers.
  5. To educate and to develop a public awareness and an understanding of mental health and mental health issues.
  6. To present briefs and motions to advocate for the consumers needs and interests.
  7. To work in collaboration with other organizations to improve mental health care and services.
  8. To promote exchanges and joint lobbying between all mental health consumers.
  9. To promote the empowerment of the individual consumer.
  10. To promote good mental health.